About Soccer Buddies

In 2007 a couple parents brought to the MTYS Board’s attention that there was not a special needs soccer program in our area. The board unanimously agreed to start a new program called Soccer Buddies. The name comes from what we call the older players that “Buddy” up with the special needs players.

These players are many things to the children: friend, mentor, coach, role model and partner. The program is a still a work in progress and is continuing to grow. With the help of great local experts in special needs children like Elizabeth Gibson, a special needs teacher at Holly Glenn, we have had great success in providing a fun, positive atmosphere for the children to enjoy the game of soccer.

Since the program has been well received, the Soccer Buddies program will be held again during the Fall seasons. This program is a a great community service event and players, their families and Board Members should continue to volunteer their time.  This can also be a great sponsorship opportunity for business’.  Each year we need to purchase soccer related items (e.g. T-shirts, balls, etc.), however we do not charge the participants in this program for any of these items. 


Please email Ryan Schureman at duffman014@comcast.net if you would like to have more information.

2020 Soccer Buddies



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