About Soccer Buddies

“Soccer Buddies, a program for athletes with disabilities ages 4-18, has been a highlight of MTYS since 2007. The program name stems from the buddies, often middle/high school volunteers, who help the players out on the field providing not only soccer skill knowledge and assistance, but also camaraderie. Soccer Buddies gives young athletes with disabilities the opportunity to learn basic soccer skills, get exercise, be a part of a team, and make friendships, all while fostering a love of soccer. Each hour long Soccer Buddies practice includes warm-ups, skill drills, and a game between teammates, all able to be done at each athlete’s pace and ability level.  
This program, run through sponsorship and donations, provides each athlete with a t-shirt and ball at no registration cost to their families. 
Please email Stephanie Wagman at thewagman5@yahoo.com or Trish Jacobi at pjacobi712@gmail.com for more information on having your athlete join the Soccer Buddies team, for sponsorship or donation opportunities, or to volunteer as a buddy.”