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Three Lions Soccer Academy Inc.
4 Foxmore Ct, Marlton, NJ 08053

Comprehensive Indoor Soccer Training Program:

The Exclusive A.P.P. Advanced Player Program:
The Three Lions Soccer Academy is invIting your player/team to attend the Winter 2014 (A.P.P.) Indoor Soccer training program. This high level, competitive six week x one hour Program concentrates on taking your player to the next level. Experienced staff will guide every player with professional soccer knowledge gained from playing soccer at the highest standard in the world. 

Universal Coaching Sessions:
Participants within the program are gaining knowledge from coaches that played and coached professional soccer on four continents. Ideals and concepts from the worlds top leagues will be instructed within the exclusive A.P.P. program. These sessions are consistently updated and improved with visits to top European professional clubs. Affiliation to several Premier leagues teams in England and constant education about the sport will keep the Three Lions Soccer Academy A.P.P. sessions developmental and enjoyable. 

Finesse and touches:
The Three Lions Soccer Academy philopshy is constant touching and ball manipulation. Continuous touching and manipulating of the soccer ball is the secret to any player total development. Interesting and challenging training ideas are implemented throughout the Winter A.P.P. 2014. 

Good Soccer Habits:
There is a correct way to play soccer. Consistent technical soccer education and good soccer "Habits" is the way to produce excellent soccer players. Remember "practice makes permanent". Technical improvement is vital for every player to achieve their soccer goals.

Why A.P.P.
The A.P.P. is a revelation for individual improvement. Emphasis on producing and developing each player within a group structure. Every A.P.P. session is specifically configured to maximize each player strength and weakness. The Three Lions Soccer Academy speciality is to improve and work on each players weakness and continue to improve their strengths.

Indoor leagues or training programs:
Participation with the A.P.P.  is total development due to the amount of touches and supervision. Playing within indoor soccer leagues has very limited touches and no proper supervision. This Exclusive program is aimed at making better soccer players. Indoor leagues are non cost effective with little improvement. 

T.I.P.S is the Key:





The A.P.P. will be using T.I.P.S. as its learning curve. All of these components need to be achieved to develop soccer players.

A.P.P. Team training sessions:
The Three Lions Soccer Academy encourages teams to enroll within the program. Please contact Three Lions Soccer Academy to book your team in asap.
A.P.P. Session Planner:

Week 1 -- International turns and universal moves. European cuts. Small sided games.
Week 2 -- Passing, receiving and turning. Small sided games.
Week 3 -- Agility, quick feet and finesse touches. Small sided games.
Week 4 -- Speed dribbling and offensive running with ball. Small sided games.
Week 5 -- Screening and body strength. Small sided games.
Week 6 -- 1st touch, quick feet and vision. Small sided games.

A.P.P. Times and Dates:
All of the below dates and times are 1hr time frames.
Session will be throughout January 2014 - February 2014

The Berlin Rec Center
Franklin Ave
Berlin, NJ

Indoor surface:
The indoor surface is NOT suitable for cleats. Surface is rubberized concrete. Indoor shoes or sneakers. No drinks in main playing area.

Cost of the Winter A.P.P. 2014:
$175 per player includes exclusive Three Lions T-shirt.

Waiver form and payment:
No player can participate in the above program without a completed and signed waiver form.
No player can participate in the above program without paying in full the amount of $175 payable to 3 lions.
Every player that attends the Winter A.P.P. 2014 agrees to adhere to the Three Lions Soccer Academy requirements.
No program places can be agreed verbally.

All checks must be made payable to "3 Lions" and sent to the above address.

A.P.P. Past and Present:
The A.P.P. has been running since 1998. Every year, every group is full. There is a very limited amount of players admitted onto the Exclusive program.
The sessions will be configured very quickly.
Too avoid disappointment send your waiver and payment in, to lock in your player/team.  

All participants within the above program cannot participant without a completed and signed waiver form. 
Every player can only attend their selected session. Do not show up at a session that is not yours and expect to participate.

Paul Wimbleton -- Director of coaching. Three Lions Soccer Academy Inc.
Professional Soccer Player  -- 20 years
Professional Soccer Coach -- 16 years 
All fees are non-refundable and non-negoiable. Practices cancelled due to snow may or may not be made up. Depending on facility availability.